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Locksmith Paris in Emergency

Emergency Locksmith (Urgence serrurier - 01 76 45 55 74) is a locksmithing expert, located in Paris. We're used to provide help to English-speaking customers and will do anything in our power to assist you in the best way possible, in English or in French.

Door opening starting price : 39€
Get assistance in less than 30 minutes
- Emergency line :01 76 45 55 74
Fast and cheap services

We come to your house quickly for lock replacements, door openings or even door strengthenings wherever you are in Paris' metropolitan area.

  • Door opening
  • Lock outs and Lock ins, door opening services
  • Broken Door
  • Lock repair
  • Door strenghtening
  • Security Shutter installation
  • Lock replacement
  • Alarm system installation service
  • 24hrs a day and 7 days a week
  • Parisian crafstman
  • Cheapest prices
  • Fast services
  • Door locked
Intervention anywhere in Paris in less than 20 minutes
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Where can you find us ?

Behind a locked door ? To find your locksmith in Paris it's easy, just call us on the 01 76 45 55 74. We provide assistance from our dispatch point within all of the Paris - Ile de France region. We're out on emergency operations most of the time and rarely at the office.

Locks don't wait and we need to find the keys to solving our customers's problems under emergency circumstances : door opening, lock replacement, lock upgrading etc... For any quote enquiry call us directly, we'll give you a detailed invoice for the job required.


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